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SMA – Database Grooming Some Things You Should Know

SMA is Microsoft’s on-premise automation engine and the successor of Opalis / Orchestrator. We have utilized this engine quite a lot and have lots of experience developing PowerShell workflows for SMA. But as every system your need to maintain and pamper it, otherwise it will strike back at some point. We recently experienced such an […]

Configuration SCCM SMA System Center Troubleshooting

PowerShell – SCCM Cmdlet Library “Get-CMDeviceCollection : Specified cast is not valid.”

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved in the latest version here While doing some SCCM automation we bumped into an issue with the SCCM Cmdlet Library 5.0.8249.1128. When you try to execute a workflow using PowerShell Remoting in SMA like this… After some investigation we could not determine the cause of it, so the […]

Configuration Script SMA Troubleshooting

PowerShell – Remote Desktop Cmdlets “A Remote Desktop Services deployment does not exist…”

Recently while automating some cool stuff I needed to create a PowerShell workflow for deploying VDI clients using Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services. One of the first things I always do is checking the existing PowerShell support and I figured out there is a large number of cmdlets available for managing RDS services. […]

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E2EVC – Session “Business Process Automation – How it is done in a real world scenario”

Everyone talks these days about automation, services and self-service. Rarely you will find a session which is showing you a real world case showing how it is really done. I am happy to speak at the “Experts 2 Experts Virtualization Conference” in Lisbon together with my wingman Stefan Johner The event takes place from […]