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  • Altaro VM Backup & Replication: Is an award-winning virtual machine backup and replication solution for Hyper-V and VMware environments. Download your Free Trial now.
  • Altaro Office 365 Backup: It enables you to back up and restore all your Microsoft/ Office 365 mailboxes, Teams and files stores in OneDrive and SharePoint through an online console, allowing you to easily manage your backups. Start your Free Trial.
  • Windows Server Backup: It allows one to backup physical machines running server operating systems on local and offsite repositories, from which one can restore them as a virtual machine. Download your Physical Backup Freeware Software now!
  • 365 Threat Monitor Application: detects and instantly deletes email threats, such as ransomware, phishing, and spam that breach your Microsoft 365 security and enter your user’s inboxes.
  • 365 Total Protection: Protect your Microsoft 365 environment against phishing, ransomware, advanced threats, and data loss. The only product on the market that covers all aspects of security for Microsoft 365.

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  • The Complete Backup Bible: The complete guide to protecting your data and an essential reference book for all IT admins and professionals. Download your free copy now.
  • The SysAdmin’s Guide to Azure Infrastructure as a Service: Are you ready to blast off your IT skillset into the clouds? Download this free eBook today and buckle up.
  • Sysadmin horror Stories eBook Volume 1/ Volume 2/ Volume 3
  • How to Get the Most out of Windows Admin Center: It is one of the most important and powerful tools in a system administrator’s toolbox. So make sure you don’t get left behind – learn everything Windows Admin Center has to offer and how to use it best with this comprehensive guide – Download your free copy today!

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