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SMA – Cannot create unkown type ‘{clr-namespace:Microsoft. PowerShell. DyncamicActivities} Activity_xxxxxxxxx_Nested’


I have done many projects using Service Management Automation and PowerShell. One specific error I haven’t seen so far in the job exception of the SMA runbook is this…


…if you go to the runbook worker event log, you will find the same error…


Because I knew that the environment was working before and my gut feeling guided me somehow into the right direction. I checked the PowerShell modules directory first and figured out that the SMAAuthoringToolkit has been installed on the runbook worker (!)…


Attention: Never ever install SMAAuthoringToolkit on a SMA runbook worker, this is NOT supported!

I deleted the module and restarted the runbook worker service and everything worked as expected. If you don’t know what SMA Authoring Toolkit is please read my blog post here. I hope this helps your troubleshooting SMA – good luck!

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