StefanThis website is run by Stefan Roth. I work at Die Mobiliar in Switzerland as a Cloud Engineer driving towards the Azure cloud. The Mobiliar, founded in Bern in 1826, is the oldest private insurance company in Switzerland. It is still anchored as a cooperative. I have more than 20 years of experience working in IT. Before becoming a consultant I worked as a Systems Engineer for multiple companies. Throughout my career I was always focused on Microsoft technologies, like administration of large Microsoft based infrastructures, automation, monitoring and recently development of Azure cloud solutions. I like to explore C# and try to build useful tools and solutions.

Staring in 2015 until 2021 I received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Cloud and Datacenter Management (CDM) 7-times in a row. Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals are technology and community leaders recognized by Microsoft. The group of approximately 4000 people worldwide is highly appreciated by Microsoft and as a result, participates closely in development and test processes.

I have done more than 50 sessions at community events all over in Europe at events like System Center Universe, Geekmania, User Groups, Experts Live Events, E2EVC, Azure Saturday etc. about monitoring, automation, PowerShell, Azure and several other topics.


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Founder and organizer of  Azure User Group Bern: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Azure-Cloud-Bern-User-Group

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Co-Author: Mastering Windows Server 2012 R2


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  1. Hi Stefan,

    searching for a solution to get SNMP Traps at SCOM 2012. I see the trap at wireshark but the rule or monitor configuration does not work to show me an alert about the trap. Do you have a working configuration?

    Hope to hear from you.

      1. Hi Stefan,
        Your blogs are really good and informative.

        I have been having probe;ms with SNMP trap based monitors and have gone through almost all the blogs on technet. I receive the traps on to scom server but my scom application isnt receiving the same.

        Could you please share some details on this ?


  2. Hello Stefan

    Great Blog, very helpful and informative
    I would like to add you to my LinkedIn contacts (assuming you use LinkedIN)

  3. Hi,
    i am interested in your script whre you dicripted in the MS SCOM forum.
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

  4. Hi Stefan, I had a question. Is there anyway to get the SeverityID to state the text (Information, Warning or Critical) rather than the integer (0,1,2) in our email notifications? I have seen posts about adding separate channels but that would be really cumbersome for my large environment. Have any ideas?

  5. Hello Stefan,
    I appreciate if you publish the file related to SCOM case study with me, we have servers in more than 30 different countries, we already have the SCCM installed in a global mode and currently we started on brazil a pilot test with SCOM 2012 SP1. I’m looking for reference from another companies related to experience on distributed SCOM environment, the big boss wants to have only one Management Group to manage more than 500 servers, 550 network devices, 50 ACS forwarders, I don’t know if it is a good idea than create 4 or 5 different MG, but he is worring with a central dashboard.
    can you please tell me, what normally strategy the companies are using to implement SCOM 2012? when possible, using only one MG is the best option?

    1. Hi Adriano

      Well, I think it is not a good place to start designing your SCOM environment using my “About” section :). I send you a mail 🙂



  6. Hi,

    We spoke on TechEd regarding Gateway problem. Can you please send me an e-mail so we can discuss it further..

    Thanks in advance,

  7. Hi Mr. Roth,

    I was very impressed by your blog. Might I be able to contact you to discuss your SCOM experience?


  8. Hello Mr. Roth,

    I’m glad I found your blog. I have a few questions to ask that I hope you can help with.

    Thank you,


  9. Hi Stefan,
    I read couple of your articales and they are really very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
    Can I have your email too please ?

  10. Hi Stefan,
    I am very new to SCOM and currently struggling with APM piece of SCOM. We have linux based java applications running on weblogic servers :
    1) Which APM Management Pack we can use to monitor linux based Java Applications ? The one that is available on Microsoft site seems sepcific for Tomcat. Any other free MP that you can reocmmend ?
    2) Does JEE Management Pack need to have SCOM agent installed on target (that will be monitored) ? We prefer not to install linux SCOM agent since we are not interested in monitoring OS specific metrics, but only interested in application specific metrics.
    3) We need the capability to get the metrics around application specific response time, throughput, load, number of calls to 3rd party and metrics thereon like response time, number of calls made to 3rd party service, exception/error rate, etc. How can we get these metrics ? I assume, this may be related to 1 above, but need your thoughts.

    Appreciate if you can get some insight on these questions.


  11. Hi Stefan,

    I read your article about linux agent in scom environments. I have one little question about this. Can you please give me your mail id, thanks!


  12. Hi Stefan, how are you?
    I recently discovered your blog and it is very helpful.
    I am attending a customer that needs to create a very challenging dashboard.
    Can you contact me, please?
    Luiz FabrĂ­cio

  13. Hi Stefan –

    First of all your UCS SCOM information is awesome. It has helped me thus far. Although, i’m stuck on an issue UCS issue and i was wondering if i could get your contact information, so i can send you a detailed email.

    Thank you in advanced and thanks so much for your ongoing UCS SCOM support.


  14. Hi Stefan,

    We spoke last year on SCOM dashboards. I was wondering if I could get your contact information again so that I could send you an email to discuss Microsoft’s private cloud solutions.


    1. When I say it I mean SCOM.How can scom alert that a disk has breached it’s threshold? Agents are not allowed on any of our *NIX servers so I have to rely on SNMP only.

  15. Stefan – may I have your contact information? I was hoping you could give me the source to your Maintenance Mode tool. I’m working on developing my C# and was hoping I could see how you tied into SCOM.

  16. Hi Stefan,

    We spoke last year on SCOM dashboards and Microsoft private cloud solutions. I was wondering if I could get your contact information again so that I could send you an email to discuss Microsoft’s private cloud solutions.


  17. Hi Stefan,

    Great blog, very helpful, thank you.

    I have event id 10000 warnings on several win2012r2 servers but not all of them in my SCOM 2016 environment (win2012R2 server).
    I wonder if you can help me to solve the problem.

    MP : Microsoft.Windows.Server.DNS Version


    Event id : 10000
    A scheduled discovery task was not started because the previous task for that discovery was still executing.
    Discovery name : Microsoft.Windows.Server.DNS.Server.Discovery
    Instance name : xxxxx
    Management group name : xxxxx

  18. Hi Stefan,

    kannst du mir deine E-Mail-Adresse schicken?
    Ich habe eine Frage zu ALA.
    Dein Vortrag am Azure Saturday hat mich darauf gebracht, dass du mir bei einem kleinen Problem mit einer Search-Query helfen könntest.
    Vielleicht ist es auch nur ein Verständnisproblem.

    Viele GrĂĽĂźe


  19. Hi Stefan,

    Could you please provide your email I’d, just need to post a query regarding azure monitors scraping prometheus endpoints, one of your blog posting.

  20. Hello, Stefan,
    We (Azure Monitor) recently added support for ARG queries to the Azure Monitor plugin in Grafana 8.0. Please try it out and let us know how this works out for you.

  21. Ciao Stefan

    I’m trying to contact Stefan Johner but I can’t seem to find his contact details. Would you mind sending me his e-mail address?

    Cheers, Stefan (too many Stefans 🙂 )

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