Development Management Pack PowerShell Troubleshooting

PowerShell – Comparing Management Pack Version

I bumped into an interesting problem while writing a custom PowerShell module. The module should compare the management packs from a SCOM management group and some local repository. If the local repository has a higher version number than the currently installed management pack, the script should import the management pack into SCOM. This post should […]

Configuration PowerShell SCOM System Center Tool

SCOM 2016 – Start-SCOMAgentMaintenanceMode PowerShell Way

In SCOM 2016 there is a new way to set maintenance mode on your agent machine itself. Microsoft released a module to set the maintenance mode on the agent server itself. It uses a library (MaintenanceMode.dll) to set maintenance mode parameters on your monitored server. This DLL can be found in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Monitoring […]