Development Management Pack PowerShell Troubleshooting

PowerShell – Comparing Management Pack Version

I bumped into an interesting problem while writing a custom PowerShell module. The module should compare the management packs from a SCOM management group and some local repository. If the local repository has a higher version number than the currently installed management pack, the script should import the management pack into SCOM. This post should […]

Configuration SCOM System Center Troubleshooting Upgrade

Quick Post – SCOM 2016 Upgrade Notes

During my Discussion Panel: Monitoring, Insights & Analytics together with my buddy MVP Kevin Greene at Experts Live Europe in Berlin, we mostly spent time discussing concerns about upgrading to SCOM 2016. A lot attendees were interested what are possible pitfalls, what are the experiences from the field and what is possibly the best upgrade […]

ARM Azure Configuration Development OMS Troubleshooting

ARM Template – Deployment Error “[Subscription().SubscriptionId]” The request is invalid…

Recently I authored some ARM stuff in Visual Studio and I had a need for getting the current subscription ID the template is being deployed to.  So there is a helper function you can call like this… “subscriptionId”: “[subscription().subscriptionId]” I used it in the template like this… …but as soon I tried to deploy the […]

Azure Dashboard Power BI Troubleshooting

Power BI – AAD Activity Logs App: The credentials provided for the AADData source are invalid

Power BI used to have Content Packs which were a way to package up your dashboards, reports, Excel workbooks and datasets for Power BI. Microsoft changed it now to so called Apps, probably to be consistent with their Azure terms. There is an interesting App for Azure Active Directory to analyze the Activity Logs. If […]