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SCOM 2012 – Display & Download MPs Using PowerShell Widgets

A nice and sexy way to have the latest management packs at your fingertips is using the new PowerShell widgets.

The SCOM product team shows in their example how you could list the management packs using the PowerShell Grid widget. Stanislav Zhelyazkov also provided a script to fully download all management packs with PowerShell. I used some code from these guys to connect to the management pack list and getting all MPs.

I slightly changed the code to create a custom object and for getting the ID of the MP and displaying it in the PowerShell Grid widget. Combining the PowerShell Grid widget with the new PowerShell Web Browser widget we have immediate access to the management pack download sites.

Clicking on any of the MP’s listed will direct you to the Microsoft Download Center…


I think it is a very handy way of browsing and downloading the MP’s.

You can find the code in the newly created TechNet Script Center space for all SCOM dashboard related sources here.

Have fun!

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