Configuration Troubleshooting

Quick Post – SCOM An account specified in the Run As profile Microsoft.SystemCenter.Omonline.OutsideIn.RunAsProfile…

During a recent install of SCOM the health state of 4 management servers turned suddenly to critical and the 2 others stayed healthy. The setup consists of totally 6 management servers split up into 3 Resource Pools (Windows, Unix/Linux, Network/SNMP) and several gateway servers. It was somewhat suspicious, because for a long time the management […]

Configuration Script Troubleshooting

SCOM 2012 – Get Rule / Monitor Details For Corresponding Workflow Name

Sometimes you receive alerts from SCOM which contain a lot of content in the description. For example in certain cases you receive alert like this… In this description you see the workflow name Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.NetworkAdapter.PercentBandwidthUsedTotal.Collection. In some cases it is more difficult to figure out a bit more about a workflow and using the GUI search […]