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SCOM – “Alert subscription data source module encountered errors while running”


Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are gonna get. This famous sentence is very true for the IT business also.

Recently I had been configuring subscription using a PowerShell script and command channel for a customer environment. The day after, the customer called, that he has lots of alerts “Alert subscription data source module encountered errors while running”…


A first analysis showed that the alerts were starting around at 8:00 pm and ended some time after 11:00 pm. After some more investigation by checking the (auto) closed alerts, I found out that the Operations Manager database connection was lost at 11:00 pm. Other alerts and the alert description itself made me think and I was almost sure that there was some network issues or the database server went down for some reason. The customer did also some internal investigation and finally sent me a screenshot from the virtual environment…


After looking at the picture and the Date Time column, the picture showed that the infrastructure team was taking a snapshots every few hours and merging the VM snapshots of the SCOM SQL Server VM. During the remove/merge process there were clear interruptions that lead to a interruptive SQL Server (connection). This problem led to the fact that the notifications could not be sent properly and left the SCOM server itself in a semi-functional state. After restarting the SCOM services, the system recovered and worked as expected.

Be aware of this fact when virtualizing SQL Servers!

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