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OMS – Agent for Linux Troubleshooting Help

In my previous post I introduced the OMS Agent for Linux. This time I would like to give you some troubleshooting starting points. There are countless possibilities for errors to occur, so it is nice to have at least a consolidated list where to find a log or configuration file. This should give you a pretty good overview of the most important places to look for. For detailed configuration scenarios read the documentation on GitHub .


Log file paths:

In general  the logs for the OMS Agent for Linux can be found at:


The logs for the omsconfig (agent configuration) program can be found at:


Logs for the OMI and SCX components (which provide performance metrics data) can be found at:

/var/opt/omi/log/ and /var/opt/microsoft/scx/log

Logs for the DSC setting can be found at:



Specific log files:

The log files for omsagent (fluentd) can be found here:


The log files for onboarding & certificates:


The log files about DSC feature omsconfig (DSC):


The log files for perf counters issues:



Specific OMS agent tests:

Operating system namespace probe on OMI agent:

/opt/microsoft/scx/bin/tools/omicli ei root/scx SCX_OperatingSystem

Agent namespace probe on OMI agent:

/opt/microsoft/scx/bin/tools/omicli ei root/scx SCX_Agent

If you want to display the desired configuration:

sudo su omsagent –c /opt/microsoft/omsconfig/Scripts/

If you want to test desired configuration:

sudo su omsagent –c /opt/microsoft/omsconfig/Scripts/


Configuration files:

If you want to configure the Syslog collection edit one of these files, depending on your distribution:




/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf (SLES)

If you want to configure general agent settings:


If you want to configure performance counter, alert settings for Zabbix, Nagios and Container data:


If you want to configure omiserver:


If you want to configure omicli:



General problems & solutions:


(Source: Microsoft)

Some more OMI specific troubleshooting steps you can find here

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