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Azure Application Insights – Using Squared Up Web API


Many of you know Squared Up for their powerful HTML 5 dashboard solution for SCOM. It does an awesome job displaying data in a fast and easy way. There is also a way to display OMS data within the dashboard using the OMS tile. Although this is very cool as you are able to combine SCOM data and OMS data into one single dashboard. Wouldn’t it be even more awesome to get Azure Application Insights data into the dashboard as well? In this post I want to show you how to hook up Azure Application Insights and Squared Up to display data.

The final demo dashboard looks like this…


…it shows you a table with requests from different cities accessing my blog additionally a distinct count of countries in the past 7 days. Before we configure Squared Up, we need to configure the API key to access Azure Application Insights data. Go to your application which is monitored by Azure Application Insights, in the menu select API Access and click Create API key. For accessing the data we choose Read telemetry permission, then make sure you copy the Application ID


…next we will be provided with the API key. Make sure you store this key in a safe place because it cannot be recovered later on…


Open Squared Up, in the top right donut menu go to System and select Web API. First we need to configure a provider. Choose provider type single, service name AppInsights, base url[Application Insights AppIication ID]/query, defaults headers x-api-key [Application Insights API Key] and then  click add provider…


…now we are ready to build the grid. Create an empty dashboard and choose Web API


…select Web API (Grid)


…provider choose AppInsights (it is the provider we previously created)…


http mode insert your query as seen on the screenshot…


headers & data just leave it as is…


…to access our data we select the rows from the first table like Tables[0].Rows


…the first column is {{value.value[0]}} and format it bold using HTML syntax. If you want to know more about custom labeling and mustache read the following documentation


…add the second column like {{value.value[1]}} . Repeat it for all the columns needed…


…the last grid options leave it empty. Click done


You should see the grid…


Next we are going to configure Web API (Scalar), add another tile to the same dashboard and choose Web API…


…choose Web API (Scalar)


…select again AppInsights provider…


…provide a query….


headers & data leave it as is….


…to access my distinct count I needed to choose the key path like Tables[0].Rows.0


…configure font size and unit


…finally you should get a result like this…


Now you are able to combine SCOM, OMS and Azure Application Insights data into a single dashboard.

Tip: If you need to check your query result set in JSON I recommend using Azure Application Insights REST API Explorer. There you get the JSON formatted response from the API. This might help you figuring out what value to pick for the dashboard…


A big thank you to Matthew Long from Squared Up for providing first class support!

I hope this gives you a good starting point.

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