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OMS – Log Search Cheat Sheet


A bit more than 2 years ago I created a cheat sheet for Azure Operational Insights Search Data Explorer, today known as Operations Management Suite (OMS) Log Search. Over the years this technology has evolved and grown to one of THE most exciting products from Microsoft. The log search syntax has also grown and got some new options. Because of that, I updated the legacy cheat sheet to meet the latest syntax and modified the examples. I had to extend the sheet to two pages, so that the content would make sense.

Page 1…image

…Page 2


Version 2.0 is now available and feel free to download it from TechNet Gallery.

If you discover some discrepancy with your experience / knowledge / typos please let me know and I will correct it. In addition I am always open to hear suggestions and input from the community.

Have fun!

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