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Quick Post – SCOM 2012 Where Does Widget Data Come From?

As you know SCOM 2012 provides new dashboard types (column or grid layout) which can contain widgets. Widgets are small “add-on” which are able to display different kind of SCOM data. For example state data (similar to state views) or performance data (similar to performance views).

Here an example…


Over on Operations Manager Team blog I stepped over a nice table which shows the data sources of the widgets.

If you add a widget to a dashboard you are getting a wizard, showing this dialog…


As you can see e.g. the performance widget is getting it’s data from the OperationsManagerDW data warehouse and the state widget is getting it’s data from the OperationsManager database. It is very handy and easy overview, which I needed to share.

6 Replies to “Quick Post – SCOM 2012 Where Does Widget Data Come From?

  1. This is why widgets do not have the same time constraint like a performance view does. a widget can go farther back, than a performance view which is limited to what’s in the Operational database, by default 7 days.

  2. hi ,

    I SCOM 2012 R2 there are many Dashboard Widgets, can you please share the data source for all Widgets , that would be a great help while showing the data in dashboards.

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