SCORCH 2012 – SCOJob Runner Error “The requested operations requires Publish permissions on the Runbook”

There is a very cool and useful tool to trigger Runbooks from a command line. It is called SCOJobRunner and you can download it here. The tool uses the Orchestrator web service to interact with Runbooks.

Well I had been playing around with it and then I hit the following error when I tried to start a Runbook using SCOJobRunner.


After several attempts to adjust the permission on Runbooks and other troubleshooting steps I finally found what the error was.

If you create a Runbook in Orchestrator it can happen that the Orchestrator web console does not display the Runbook. In that case you need to run the following command against the Orchestrator database. It is a well known issue.

TRUNCATE TABLE [Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Internal].AuthorizationCache

I also ran the command and the everything worked as expected.

In my case the error message was a kind of misleading but if you think at the end it does make senseSmile.

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