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I really like to do presentations about the latest and greatest Microsoft Azure technology. One big security problem I always have is that e.g. Subscription ID, email addresses, keys etc. are visible on a big screen or visible in the session recordings afterwards.

A very nice tool to hide such sensitive information is a browser plugin Azure Mask for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

It is very easy to install for Google Chrome…

  1. In Chrome go to Chrome Web Store
  2. Click on Azure Mask extension
  3. Click on Add To Chrome
  4. Confirm any prompts

…then just turn it on…


…and all sensitive information is blurred like Subscription IDs…


…or user names…


…in addition it will hide keys, and connection strings.

This is a very hand little tool which saves you a lot of time and makes your presentations more secure!

You can find the tool here.

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