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SCOM 2012 – What Workflows, MP’s And Objects Run On A SCOM Agent?

I am a huge fan of PowerShell and SCOM and when it comes to combining both forces you can unleash the full power and do almost anything :). In this case I got (also) asked, how you can figure out which management pack is actually used by SCOM agents and eventually display it in a usable format. Well, I was starting to write a script as I stumbled across a very cool approach from Dirk Brinkmann (MSFT).

As you know SCOM has a built-in task to query the agent for rules and monitors BUT the output is somewhat not usable and delivers not the information we need see here “Show Running Rules and Monitors for this Health Service”. 

Dirk has written a script which calls this task via PowerShell and transforms the output into CSV and XML files. Finally you are able to use these files to analyze in e.g. Excel or PowerShell itself.

The script gathers the information just from one agent, but you could easily modify the script to collect the information from multiple agents.


I am really fan of his approach and urge you to check it out here. Happy analyzing!

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