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SCOM 2012 – New Dashboard Community!

It has been a moment since my last post. This happen because, I was first building my new home and now finishing migrating my (real) home / house in a side-by-side migration scenario. Of course I need to reconfigure the new infrastructure but luckily I am not dual homed anymore. At this very moment I am in the process of decommissioning my old home / house. It takes a lot of time to reconfigure all the new settings, sadly I could not find the furniture autoexec.bat and my only export and import wizards were my family and friends :).

You might have seen on the SCOM product team blog that they are asking about YOUR experience, opinion and suggestions for using different SCOM components like web console, SC Advisor, Storage / Network features etc. these very important questionnaires will influence the future of SCOM and therefore I urge you to answer these surveys and deliver them as much information as possible to make a great product even a greater product. It really counts!

This time I would like to focus on another topic. Microsoft delivered with SCOM 2012 SP1 UR 6 and SCOM 2012 R2 UR2 new dashboard widgets. Some of these widgets are customizable using PowerShell like the PowerShell Grid Widget and the PowerShell Web Browser Widget . Having a PowerShell based widget let’s you basically build any kind of dashboard you like. Microsoft is working hard on improving the dashboards and creating new widgets. I am sure there will be more coming up but at this point in time there is already a huge amount of new widgets to explore.

If you haven’t heard about the new dashboard capabilities I highly recommend watching these recordings:

In every SCOM project I face the same problem. How should I display the data properly in a dashboard? I am sure you are familiar with this question/situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if there would be a central place were you could publish and share your dashboard management packs, dashboard ideas, dashboard scripts or download any pre-built dashboards / scripts for SCOM? Microsoft has recognized this and created a TechNet Gallery space where you can start uploading your sources


At the moment this space does not contain a lot of scripts, but in the near future it will become the place for all dashboard related (re)sources. Please bookmark this page, upload your dashboard management packs and scripts so everyone in the community can benefit from each other and becomes a Mr. Incredible Dashboard…


There will be much more coming up in this area and I will also try to provide as much content as possible.

Let this place become the central hub for all SCOM dashboard related (re)sources!

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