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Today is a very exciting and special day as I received a mail from Microsoft letting me know that I received the MVP award. I think it is a very proud moment in every IT Pro’s life when he gets this award. I am a now a extremely proud member of a worldwide expert community in the Cloud and Datacenter Management space. This expert group consists out of approx. 90 experts around the world. Receiving this award shows that Microsoft recognizes my work and contribution to the community for the past few years. I am really looking forward to help, contribute and exchange know-how with other MVP’s and meeting them in person at the MVP Global Summit in November 2015. Such a recognition pushes and motivates me to contribute even more and whenever possible to help or providing my expertise.

At this point I would like to thank my company itnetx for providing me such a fun job, the capability to develop my skills and also providing me with daily challenges. A special thank you to my boss MVP Marcel Zehner who always likes to push and let me make the impossible, possible. In addition I also would like to thank Microsoft Switzerland for all the interesting projects and people to talk to. Also here a special thank you to René Hanselmann for his unbelievable support. Last but not least, there are some fun guys who always supported me like MVP Thomas Maurer, MVP Michael Ruefli and of course all my colleagues at itnetx who really make every day a fun day.

For sure, there are all the other inspiring guys around the community from whom I learned a lot. Especially all the “old SCOM dinosaurs MVP’s” like Marnix Wolf, Cameron Fuller, Kevin Greene, Tao Yang of course Kevin Holman and many others.

Thank you all!

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  1. Hey Stefan,
    It is really great to see you’ve finally made it! You would be a great edition to our MVP group. I’m sure the other SCOM focused MVPs would feel the same as I do. I’m looking forward to work with you more closely in the future and meet you in person in the MVP summit later this year :).


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