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Azure Log Analytics – Get Data Types


In Azure Log Analytics you get to juggle with your data, turn and twist it the way you need to finally get your insights you want and need it. I just love Azure Log Analytics, there is so much to discover and once you started to explorer the language you figure out how much power there is.

If you are new to Azure Log Analytics you might wondering what kind of data types there are.

Well there are plenty…


[Source: Microsoft]

If you work in the Azure Log Analytics portal you will soon discover some sort of data types next to the column name, like these…


…have you ever wanted to know what these types mean? Well, yes you could guess what it means in some cases, but probably not all.

There is a nice operator called getschema  that let’s you display the schema of the table…


I think this is awesome for beginners and pros. I hope you like this trick Smile.

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