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Experts Live Switzerland 2017 – Speaker


I am very proud to be speaking at Experts Live Switzerland 2017. I will have a talk together with my buddy Jonas Feller from itnetX. We both have gained a lot of experience in the past, doing on-premise automation projects and this is also the title of our session

“On-premise Automation using System Center Service Manager (SCSM), Service Management Automation (SMA) and PowerShell”

We will highlight some conceptual aspects, but also show some technical automation kung fu kicks you might want to be aware of. In addition we will discuss some approaches and tools, which can avoid some headache and trouble. The event takes place May 17th in Bern, so save the date and hopefully you join our session. The session is held in German.

What is Experts Live Switzerland and how does it fit into the entire Experts Live stack?

In the past years, there was a country event in the Netherlands called Experts Live . It has been a very successful event, but only available in the Netherlands. Last year the regional events called System Center Universe switched the brand to Experts Live and kept their region in their names. There are 4 regional events:image

You can call them “big”, multi-day / multi-track events counting several hundred attendees. The smaller version of the regional events are the country events. Currently there are 2 of them:


These events last a full day and have a single track. In Switzerland there is a limit of 200 attendees. The smallest and free of charge community version of the Experts Live network are the Experts Live Café user groups. As I announced in my previous post, the very first of these café events is born and will start in Bern, Switzerland. There can be more than one of these Experts Live Café’s per country.image

I hope this gives you some insides into the Experts Live network and you like these events as much as I do!

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