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SCOM – Silect Software / Infront Consulting MP University Recordings

On August 12, Silect Software and Infront Consulting hosted a webinar about MP authoring with all the big shots in the management pack authoring space. I did also attend the webinar and the content was just awesome. If you mist the event, you are able to watch the recordings on YouTube. All of these guys did an awesome job and I highly recommend watching these recordings.

Brian Wren MP Best Practices

MP Best Practices

Randy Roffey (Silect) / Brian Wren Visual Studio Authoring Extensions

Visual Studio Authoring Extstensions

Freddy Mora Silva MP Reporting Authoring

MP Report Authoring

Mike Sargeant  How to Monitor a Network Device

Monitor Network Device

Kevin Holman Authoring PowerShell Performance Rules

Authoring Performance Rules

Jonathan Almquist MP Authoring for UNIX/Linux

MP Authoring for UNIX/Linux

Thank’s to all of the presenters for creating such great content! Find more details here .

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