TechEd 2012 Orlando Download Sessions – Offline Viewing

I just spent two weeks holiday in Florida and got back right before TechEd in Orlando started. Sadly, I could not attend the event. Because I don’t want miss the latest news I decided to find a way to download the sessions. I slightly modified my script which I used to download the MMS 2012 Sessions.

At this very moment the event is still running and not all sessions are available yet. I am providing a sessions.txt file where all 506 sessions are listed and this file will be used for downloading the session files.


UPDATE 17.06.2012: If you change the .wmv extension in the sessions.txt file to .pptx the script will also download most of the Powerpoint slides as well.


1. Download the file here. There you will also find a TechEd_NA_2012_session_listing.pdf file with all sessions listed and its corresponding code.
2. Extract the two files TechEd2012Orlando_Downloader.ps1 and sessions.txt to e.g. C:\TechEd2012.
3. In the script you must provide a user name and password. You can either create an account at or you can also use your Windows Live account.


4. In the script provide the user name and password and save your changes.


5. Next start a Powershell command shell and run the script by typing

.\TechEd2012Orlando_Downloader.ps1 D:

After the script name you have to provide the drive letter where the sessions will be saved in my case it is the D: drive.

6. A folder TechEd2012OrlandoSessions will be created and all available sessions will be stored in this folder.


If a session is not available a file sessions_notavailable.txt will be created in the script folder. In this file you will find all sessions which couldn’t be downloaded. Just rename the file to sessions.txt and start the script again. This way you can easily check later if the session is ready for downloading.

Have fun and let me know if you experience any problems…

28 Replies to “TechEd 2012 Orlando Download Sessions – Offline Viewing

    1. Hi Brian

      I just used some ASCII art online generator, you can finde several on the internet. Just google or bing for “ascii art generator online”.



  1. Great Script! Thanks a lot! Especially since I couldn’t make it to Orlando and won’t be at Amsterdam either.
    Found one Typo though: on the last header Write-Host line it says yello instead of yellow… not that it matters 🙂
    Well now my line is busy for the next 40-some hours 😀

    1. Hi JR

      Maybe, in a later version I will implement such a functionality. In the current version, there is nothing like that.



    1. Hi Robert

      Just use the sessions.txt file and replace the .wmv extension through .pptx and start the script :).



  2. Good stuff Stefan.. You should also add the .pptx files to the sessions.txt file IMO, but I guess it’s not that simple.. They seem to be on a very different URL..


    1. Regarding the PowerPoint slidedecks – I just checked and it’s possible just to add the filename in the sessions.txt as so: EXL412.pptx 🙂

      1. Hi frenjon

        Exactly, it downloads the Powerpoint files by changing the extension from .wmv to .pptx in the sessions.txt file.



  3. Dear Stefan,

    Thank you for the updated script!
    Could be possible to download the PowerPoint presentations for all videos as well?
    It could be awesome too!

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Charo

      Just change the .wmv extension in the sessions.txt file to .pptx then it downloads the Powerpoint files.



  4. Thank Stefan for your help,

    Unfortunately, I was not able to download 224 presentations over 506.
    What could be the reason, in a different URL?
    Were someone able to download them?


  5. Good Morning Stefan (Here in Australia anyway!).
    I made one small modification to your script. As the downloads are very slow to here, I’ve had to restart the script multiple times which means it attempts to start at square 1 each time!

    All I’ve done is replaced;



    if (Test-Path $download) {write-host “File: $download already exists”}
    {$wclient.DownloadFile($file,$download) }

    Thank you for a great script.

    Richard Young

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