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SCOM 2012 – Fun Jukebox Dashboard With PowerShell Widgets

I am currently experimenting with the PowerShell widgets and trying to figure out what you can do and what you cannot do. My funny idea was to create a Jukebox dashboard where you can select a song and PowerShell will play it using the “beep sounds”. Yes I know SCOM is a monitoring tool but the thing I wanted to find out if we can add some sort of sound / beeps / voice to the PowerShell Grid Widgets / dashboard.

The setup is simple, I used 3 Image Widgets and two PowerShell Grid Widgets. It looks like this…


If you want to see it in action I recorded a small video. I had to re-record the sound from my local system, because the RDP connection beeps were just awful…

There are two things I use for the sounds, for the voice itself  “Please select…” I use the System.speech assembly and for the sound I use the [console]::beep() function. For the music I found the samples here so all the credits to the authors.

You can download the scripts in the TechNet Script Center here.

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