SCOM 2012 – Find SCOM Object for “Unknown” ID in Alert

There are sometimes alerts which might contain some strange id’s which are not as informational as you might would like have. One way to find out what is hiding behind this id is to use a SCOM Powershell command.

As an example, today I received an alert that looked like this…


As you can see there are id’s and my management server generated this alert. Well, it says some Health Service (4F972E63-1B18-5920-572C-2C16D2BB73A6)  should not generate data about this managed object (087A6FE9-E8FB-0BBB-7B43-A1F82AA81202).

To find out which Health Service and which object is meant execute in Powershell the following commands…

Get-SCOMMonitoringObject –id 4F972E63-1B18-5920-572C-2C16D2BB73A6

Get-SCOMMonitoringObject –id 087A6FE9-E8FB-0BBB-7B43-A1F82AA81202


As an output I receive the server name on which the Health Service runs and a name for the managed object.

In my case it was a DFS server which needed proxy enabled.

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