System Center Universe DACH/Europe (SCU DACH) – FAQ

Have you ever heard of the famous System Center Universe (SCU) hosted by Catapult Systems? If not then it’s about time to visit and check out the excellent content.

After talking to Catapult Systems we decided to bring this great event to Europe. We are now in the planning phase, talking to partners, speakers, sponsors etc. that are interested to partner with us and help making this event coming true.

We are happy to announce that the dates and location are fixed!

September 16th/17th 2013 – Bern/Switzerland

I just put a small FAQ together:

What does SCU DACH stand for?

SCU is the abbreviation for System Center Universe and DACH is an acronym for Germany (Deutschland), Austria (Österreich) and Switzerland (CH for Confoederatio Helvetica, in German “(der) Schweiz”)

Why should I attend SCU DACH?

During two days in more than 34 sessions, the brightest and most skilled IT professionals from Europe and overseas present the latest information about Microsoft System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management topics.

Who are the speakers?

We are very proud to announce top speakers from the USA, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and of course Switzerland. The speaker line-up is still not fixed and maybe there are some other countries involved. Just to name a few of the top speakers Travis Wright, Pete Zerger and Maarten Goet just to name a few. For the entire list check the speaker line-up on the System Center Universe DACH website.

Will SCOMfaq also have a session?

Yes  :). I am very proud to be part of this event!

Is there a session track available?

Not yet. As soon the tracks are available they will be published on . But there will be sessions in 4(!) parallel tracks, 2 Keynotes (day 1 and day 2) and approx. 36  Breakout sessions!

What will be the language spoken?

The sessions will be held in German or English, depending on the presenters preferred language. The sessions will be marked if they are conducted in German or English.

How much will the event cost?

The price has not been announced yet. Check for latest news on prices and packages.

Where is the location?

The location will be BERN Expo, Bern/Switzerland, . Bern is the capital of Switzerland and is a very nice city also for some sightseeing.

Are there any hotels we are recommending?

Yes, there are some hotels we recommend for staying:

There will be a discount on the regular price of the rooms. The discount will be announced on the website.

For latest details check

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