SCOM 2012 Agent Failover – An Event Log Check

Sometimes we need a sign to check that some things happen Smile. For me I wanted to visualize and verify if a SCOM agent failed over properly or not.

As you might know the Windows agents do not report to a SCOM 2012 resource pool. If you install an agent on a Windows server the default setting is that it will failover to any management server. You could use Powershell to configure the failover server or use AD integration to control the failover behavior.

In my test setup I have two management servers 02S022 and 02S023. The agent is configured to report to its primary management server 02S023 and 02S022 as a failover management server. To see the agent failover I opened the servers event log and monitored the agents behavior.

Here it turned off the primary management server. The agent starts complaining that the connection attempt failed…


…about 1 minute later the agent quits talking to the management server…


…and 3 seconds later an event log entry that the agent successfully failed over to the failover management server 02S022…


…again an entry where the agents complains that the connection attempt failed to its primary server 02S023…after that I started the primary management server…


…and as soon the management server is up and running the agents fails over to its primary server…


If you want to check your agents failover settings check my post few days ago…



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