System Center Universe Europe 2014 – Looking Back…


For the second time in a row, the community conference System Center Universe 2014 Europe was held on September 17-19 2014 in Basel-Switzerland. 370 people from 20 different countries attended the conference to learn, present, discuss, meet and have fun. Depending on the person the priority of these activities may changed during the 3 days :).


In the middle of the week on Wednesday the conference started right off and the following 3 days were packed with a huge amount of knowledge.


The start of this travel through the Universe was launched by a very impressing intro…

The sessions were held in 5 different rooms which were equipped with plenty of power cables to charge your devices and also a very reliable wireless network. The rooms itself were sized to easily fit from 100 up to 400 people so there was just enough room to feel comfortable in each session. The session schedule was packed with brand new subjects reaching from single deep-dive System Center product sessions to Cloud & Datacenter Management subjects to high level overview of any topic that touches the cloud buzz.  The sessions were well selected so that anybody could find an appropriate session that would fit his interests.

If you are still interested what sessions you could have attended the sessions planer is still available for some time here. Because the sessions were recorded you will be able to consume it soon on Channel 9 and on the speakers blog I suppose.

After a full day of learning, presenting and discussing the fun part should also have its place and there was also high quality content available. Starting with some angels from the Universe playing the Sax… the more dark side of breakdance…

… and after each day people could attend a party like the SCU Sponsors & Speakers Party, SCU Attendee Networking Party and the legendary SCU Closing Party. Sorry there are no pictures and no detailed information available 😉 .

I was also lucky to present a session together with my friend from Austria MVP Stefan Koell about the new SCOM widgets.


We didn’t expect to have so many people attending our session but it seems that there is a great demand on SCOM sessions which we will take into account for the planning next year.


I will post the session video and the sample code in an upcoming post so you can redo the demos.

The overall feedback of this event was excellent organized, awesome sessions and an amazing portion of fun. The logical consequence of this is that there will be a System Center Universe Europe 2015 at around the same time in September 2015. Make sure you will  save this date and I hope to see you then!

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  1. checked channle9 — no presentations yet. Do you know where I can get your presentation on dashboard?

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