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I have been blogging about 2.5 years now mostly about System Center Operations Manager. I also blogged about Orchestrator and useful PowerShell scripts. My goal is always to provide a solution to a problem. There are many blogs out there which blog about WHAT is new but not HOW to use the technology or HOW can you solve a problem or make your live easier. I try to give you solutions right from the field. I still want to keep up with this goal and although it takes more time to write these posts but from the feedback I get it is well worth it.

BUT as everything changes in IT, I also have to adjust my expertise. Therefore I renamed my blog to . This will be in line with my strategy and allow me to blog about anything there is. Of course, I will still blog about my System Center Operations Manager but I will open my umbrella and blog also about new future technologies like Service Management Automation (SMA), Windows Azure Pack (WAP), PowerShell and Windows Azure.

The old URL will still be active for a longer period of time and will also be redirected, but my future content will be branded with my new blog URL.

What does that mean for you? Well, you get more interesting stuff for the same price :).

Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds accordingly. If you would like to follow me on Twitter my renamed handle is @stefanroth_net.

Thank you for your support and I hope you will still enjoy what you will find on this new/old blog.



6 Replies to “Good-by SCOMfaq – Welcome

  1. Hi Stefan,

    A good and understandable move in my humble opinion. Your blog brings some exeptional information that probably helps many so thank you for this.
    Keep up the good blogging!


  2. Thank you Stefan
    I see your blog weekly, and always has helped me on several questions and tips about SCOM; know that we live in a world of many changes and this is part of the professional development, keep it up and thanks for all the tips until today.

    Happy 2014, and success.


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