DSC – xRDSessionDeployment Server Keeps Rebooting

Some time ago I had been doing some interesting deployments using SMA and DSC in a push scenario. What does that mean? SMA is an engine that executes PowerShell (Workflows) at a scalable level and it is THE automation engine for on-premise scenarios, its counterpart in Azure is Azure Automation. DSC is Microsoft’s future way […]

Configuration Management Pack SCOM Script Software System Center

VEEAM Hyper-V MP – Virtualization Extension Unattended Installation

Veeam is well known for their high quality management packs for VMWare and Hyper-V monitoring. There is also very detailed documentation around how to install and configure the management packs. One thing I am missing is the unattended installation of the Veeam Virtualization Extensions Service and Veeam Virtualization Extensions Web UI for Hyper-V management pack […]

Development Management Pack PowerShell Troubleshooting

PowerShell – Comparing Management Pack Version

I bumped into an interesting problem while writing a custom PowerShell module. The module should compare the management packs from a SCOM management group and some local repository. If the local repository has a higher version number than the currently installed management pack, the script should import the management pack into SCOM. This post should […]