Azure Operational Insights Configuration Dashboard Software Tool

Microsoft Azure Operational Insights – Mobile App Available

I have blogged previously about Microsoft Azure Operational Insights which is still in a preview stage and you can test it free of charge. Microsoft did already a great job visualizing all the data collected by the Intelligence Packs. At this moment you are also able to have all this information on your Windows Phone. […]

Azure Operational Insights Configuration Testing Tool

Microsoft Azure Operational Insights – Connecting Without SCOM

I previously blogged about Microsoft Azure Operational Insights (MAOI). There are two ways you are able to connect to MAOI, first and best way 🙂 is using SCOM to connect using it’s built-in connector. Another and very easy way is to just install the Microsoft Monitoring Agent and connect this agent directly to MAOI. How […]

Authoring Configuration Management Pack Script Tool

SCOM 2012 – Effective Configuration Viewer The PowerShell Way

A customer requested to have a capability to get an overview of the effective configured settings for rules / monitors and its values for Windows Computer objects. For some administrators browsing through the SCOM console is just too time consuming and / or too complicated. There are not many ways of providing a simple solution […]