Azure Operational Insights Configuration Dashboard Software Tool

Microsoft Azure Operational Insights – Mobile App Available

I have blogged previously about Microsoft Azure Operational Insights which is still in a preview stage and you can test it free of charge. Microsoft did already a great job visualizing all the data collected by the Intelligence Packs. At this moment you are also able to have all this information on your Windows Phone. […]

Azure Operational Insights Book Configuration Reporting

Microsoft Azure Operational Insights – Search Data Explorer Cheat Sheet

At TechEd Europe Microsoft officially announced Microsoft Azure Operational Insights. If you are not familiar with it check my previous posts about this new “tool”. Behind all these sexy dashboards there is also a very powerful search engine called “Search Data Explorer”. It uses a search window where you can enter a query to get […]

Azure Operational Insights Configuration Testing Tool

Microsoft Azure Operational Insights – Connecting Without SCOM

I previously blogged about Microsoft Azure Operational Insights (MAOI). There are two ways you are able to connect to MAOI, first and best way 🙂 is using SCOM to connect using it’s built-in connector. Another and very easy way is to just install the Microsoft Monitoring Agent and connect this agent directly to MAOI. How […]