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Azure Stack – Deploy Latest Azure Stack Development Kit 1.1809.0.90 on Azure VM


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post how to install Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK) 1.1018.0.97 on an Azure VM. If we want to test the latest release of Azure Stack (DK) we need to redeploy the entire VM, because there is no supported update nor upgrade process for the ASDK. So how can we install the latest release? Well it is easy, just follow my blog post and when you login the first time into your VM using your local administrator account we need to run a different script. Instead running the shortcut Install-ASDK execute Latest_Install-ASDK and we will be guided through the installation process…


…after a couple of hours the installation succeeded….


…and we are presented with a shiny new installation of ASDK…


…very cool! Next you just need to follow the post deployment steps and the  Azure Marketplace registration post. The Azure registration also finishes successfully…


After these steps you will be able to explore Azure Stack (DK) 1.1809.0.90 features!

So what is new in 1.1809.0.90? There are couple of fixes and a new feature which is a built-in syslog client

Azure Stack syslog client (General Availability) This client allows the forwarding of audits, alerts, and security logs related to the Azure Stack infrastructure to a syslog server or security information and event management (SIEM) software external to Azure Stack. The syslog client now supports specifying the port on which the syslog server is listening.

Because the provided template has a built-in function to download upcoming releases we will be able to install the latest versions of Azure Stack Development Kit in the near future. Happy testing!

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