DSC – xRDSessionDeployment Server Keeps Rebooting


Some time ago I had been doing some interesting deployments using SMA and DSC in a push scenario. What does that mean? SMA is an engine that executes PowerShell (Workflows) at a scalable level and it is THE automation engine for on-premise scenarios, its counterpart in Azure is Azure Automation. DSC is Microsoft’s future way of configuring systems. Why should we not combine both technologies and use SMA for accessing the remote system and creating the DSC configuration file on that remote system. It is kind of fire and forget scenario. That’s exactly what I did to create a single server RDS deployment. I deployed RD Session Host, RD Connection Broker and RD Web Access. The problem I faced was that the RDS deployment used to reboot constantly, while checking for a RDS deployment. And the result of it was, that it could install the roles but no further configuration like collection and Remote Apps.

After checking all kind of things like permissions, because the MOF file is executed under Local System I assumed first, that the RDS cmdlet won’t find the RDS deployment, or I tried reconfiguring how the DSC file is generated etc. I finally found the solution to that problem. samcogan.com has faced the same issues and blogged also about it. You can find the article here, which explains his journey troubleshooting this problem.

What finally solved my problem was adding one line of code to start the RDMS in the MSFT_xRDSessionDeployment resource.


    This issue has been fixed in the curren version in my case I was using of the xRemoteDesktopSessionHost DSC module available here.

    I hope this saves you lot’s of time Smile.

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