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Azure Log Analytics – Portal Refresh


It has been not long ago when Microsoft introduced the new Azure Log Analytics query language and also the new portal experience at . Just as we got used to the portal, I noticed some refreshes  and clean up. The portal looks now like this…


…the menu to run the query, set the interval, save, query link and export button moved into the top left corner of the query window…


..a slightly bigger change is the hierarchical menu button in the top right corner of the query window…


…this will open a side pane showing your favorites, saved queries and also the queries of your solutions, somehow I got some English / German mixed language I don't know smile


…but it looks a lot cleaner than before.

In addition there is an improvement of the PowerBI integration

Export to Power BI now calls directly the API endpoint. This allows you to get up to 500,000 rows or 64,000,000 bytes of data, export long queries and customize the timeout of the query. (default timeout is 3 minutes, and the maximum timeout is 10 minutes).

…and finally there are new keyboard shortcuts, go to help …


…and they look like this…


I think these are small but useful improvements. Enjoy!

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