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Microsoft Azure Operational Insights – Mobile App Available


I have blogged previously about Microsoft Azure Operational Insights which is still in a preview stage and you can test it free of charge. Microsoft did already a great job visualizing all the data collected by the Intelligence Packs. At this moment you are also able to have all this information on your Windows Phone. The release of the Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Mobile App allows you to look at all the available information on your mobile device.

You are able to get access to all the Intelligence Packs and their predefined queries…

image image image

…or access your defined custom dashboard…


Or you even can fire off your query for a quick analysis of your data using the custom query language in Search Data Explorer


What I have seen the app has some limitations:

  • No Intelligence Packs can be added
  • My Dashboard cannot be customized
  • No access to the traffic usage information
  • No Direct Agent configuration
  • Configuration Assessment information is partly available (I think because one part is still based on Silverlight)
  • Besides the Workspace you cannot change any other user settings information

I am sure you can expect functional changes within Microsoft Azure Operational Insights using your browser or mobile app in the upcoming month. So this is just a point in time review.

Tip: Did you know that you can display your Windows Phone screen on your Windows computer and take screenshots? Use this very cool tool Project My Screen App for Windows Phone, that’s the way I got the screenshots above :).

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  1. The mobile sharing app is useful for stage demos. you can also take screenshot on the phone: press simultaneously ‘VolumeUP’+’Power’ (on my HTC at least) which saves them to your pic library, then I email them to myself or skydrive them 🙂

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