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SCOM – Failed SCOM Agent Installation Error Code 80004005

Today I bumped into an issue, while deploying a SCOM 2012 SP1 agent to a Windows 2003 server. The task failed with the following error…


In English it says that “The MOM Server could not execute WMI Query “Select * from Win32_Environment where NAME=’PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE'” on computer”

Error Code: 80004005.

The server I wanted to deploy the SCOM 2012 SP1 agent, was a Windows 2003 SP2 x64 server. This is a fully supported setup. After some digging around I found this “Troubleshooting Issues When You Use the Discovery Wizard to Install an Agent” which recommends to check PATH variable and also register the performance counters. In my case, I was sure it was neither of this was the solution.

A very good friend of mine is WMI Explorer. This tool lets you explore the WMI classes locally and also on remote machines with your current logged in credentials, but also with other credentials. Since we have the WMI query in the error message, it is easy to check the result of the query and we also get to check in the same run, if WMI is functioning at all.

So I started WMI explorer, logged in with the credentials I used to deploy the SCOM agent and checked the class Win32_Environment class. For some reason I was not able to find PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE in the Instances Window…


Hmm…now I will check the WMI query “Select * from Win32_Environment where NAME=’PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE'” and run it in the Query window. The result was also empty…


Because both checks didn’t return a result, I decided to check on a Windows 2003 SP2 x64 where I was able to deploy an agent. Here on a healthy system, I could find the Win32_Environment class and also the PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE


In addition I also checked the WMI query on the healthy system and received the values…


Because I knew what was wrong, I needed a way to fix the issue or at least get the agent deployed to the server. Luckily, I found a post from Marnix Wolf who faced a similar issue few years ago. Because it was a production server, I could perform heavy changes on it.

Finally, I logged into the server with my agent deployment account and created a registry key in HKCU\Environment create a REG_SZ key PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE with the architecture like AMD64. . After creating this key, I ran the query again in WMI Explorer and finally it returned the missing value…


Next I was also able to deploy the agent…


After the deployment, I removed the registry key from the server and the agent stayed healthy. Of course this is just a workaround, but since I cannot make any big changes on the server itself, I am at least able to monitor it.

I hope this helps!

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