SCOM 2012 – Reporting Server Install Error

Recently I ran into a problem while installing the reporting components of SCOM 2012. Everything went well until selecting the SQL Server instance and clicking “Next”. The error below hit my screen.


Well I haven’t seen this baby before so after a short moment the problem was clear. The answer is clearly written on the wizard.

The company which we installed SCOM 2012 was using a proxy server for accessing the internet. In this case the install wizard could not resolve the Reporting Services URL and therefore threw an error. After deselecting the check box in Internet Explorer/Internet Options/Connections/LAN settings –> “User a proxy server for your LAN(…)” the error didn’t appear again.


Some errors are not that bad Smiley

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  1. Hello Stefanorth,

    By default the proxy is selected and we are not able to change the proxy,but still i am getting the same error.

    can you help me on this.


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