SCOM 2012 – Discovery Wizard running forever again

In this post here on possible cause why the discovery wizard could run forever. Last week I faced a situation where the discovery wizard for deploying Linux agents and for deploying windows agents didn’t work.

The setup topology was 2 management servers SCOM 2012 and one dedicated SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 for the SCOM databases.

If I wanted to deploy agents to Windows servers the wizard was just staying in a running “Knight Rider” style.


If I wanted to deploy Linux agents the discovery wizard just acted very slow. The progress bar almost didn’t move at all.

Well after some investigation the problem was found. The SQL Server and SQL Server Agent services were running using a local server administrator account and not a domain service account!


After changing the service accounts to a domain user service account everything worked as expected,

I just wanted to share this it might help somebody Smiley.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, have you come across any others? Currently my SCOM 2012 does the same thing (services are under domain accounts) however all my tasks show in the task view for hours as queued before progressing

    1. The strange thing is that restarting the health service “System Center Management” makes it immediately jump through tasks or progress in the discovery window to display the discovery results.

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