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Do you need a .NET application immediately?

Are you sometimes getting nervous and  anxious to try new features? But there is always this step before you can start where you have to fulfill pre-requisites in your lab environment until you can start. I is a pain in the ***…this happened to me.

There is this lovely DinnerNow application on codeplex, but have you ever tried to install this application on the latest Microsoft software? It is so annoying  to get it done in a very limited amount of time.  If you try to run it on a Windows 2008 R2 Server you will be prompted with few errors, because of the hard-coded path in several setup files.

I didn’t have time to care about every single error so I decided to look for some other .Net application to check out the Application Monitoring (APM) feature in SCOM 2012.

I found relief in the Microsoft Web Platform Installer 3.0 (MWPI). MWPI provides you with a couple of selected web applications which you just select and after a couple of mouse clicks you will be a proud owner of a mature CMS application based on .NET code.

Are you eager to try it out? Just go to here and from there it is a self-explaining piece of software.

For those who don’t want to try it out right away here some screenshots:

First you will be faced with a neat setup dialog…

It will check your system and immediately build a list with all software needed to run your application….

You might need to give some more information…

And so on…if you have followed the dialog and entered all the necessary information you will be rewarded with a successful installation in no time!

Here I installed Umbraco a free .Net CMS

I think you get the idea behind this post and hopefully it will save you some time installing applications. Finally you will have more time for exploring the new SCOM 2012 features!

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